4 Key Points To Avoid Pet Dental Disease

4 Keys to Avoid Pet Dental Disease

Key Steps To Avoid Pet Dental Diseases

The oral needs of humans and dogs are no different. Just like us, our furry companions too need proper care of their mouth. Remember, pet dental disease commences with plaque and bacteria that reside on the surface of the teeth. Unlike human beings where it leads to cavities, in dogs and cats it results in infection to the gums and jaw bones. This harm can be reversed, but requires proper dental care.

Some of the things that pets suffer from due to dental problems include:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Infections that spread to other body areas
  • Painful mouth
  • Loss of appetite

Let us now look at some of the key areas that can aid in avoiding dental disease in pets:

Key Points To Prevent Pet Dental Disease

Opting For A Good Pet Food

It has been researched and found that dry kibble aids in discouraging plaque build-up than wet or freeze dried food. There are various prescription diets like Hill’s Prescription Diet that can aid in getting rid of plaque as and when your pet chews the food. Ask your veterinarian to suggest the best dental food for your furry companion.

Procure Dental Products

There are pet stores that sell a wide array of pet products that are good for dental health of the pets. While there are certain products that are better than others, it is highly recommended that you purchase a product that has been approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council like Orovet Oral Rinse or Pet Dent Oral Rinse.

Daily Brushing For Pets

prevent pet dental disease

In order to keep your pet’s healthy it is very important to brush their teeth on a daily basis. It requires practice and patience by the pet owners, but daily brushing can easily keep the plaque away from the pet’s mouth. Get Pet Dent Toothbrush and Pet Dent Toothpaste that will smoothly scrub the surfaces of your pet’s teeth. You can even opt for Pet Dent Finger Brush.

Regular Dental Checkup Of Pets

It is important to take your furry companion to a veterinarian for regular dental checkup to ensure that their mouth is in ideal condition. Apart from dental disease, pets can suffer from other problems too, including: tooth resorption, mouth cancers, or broken teeth. Your veterinarian is the best person to decide the frequency of teeth cleaning as per the personalized needs of your pet. If there is a major dental problem with your pet, it would require a thorough oral exam and cleaning under anesthesia including dental radiographs to fully evaluate each tooth.

This pet dental month is your chance to show that you care for your furry pal by taking care of their oral needs.

Remember, the highest quality of dental care starts from home i.e.; by brushing their teeth on a regular basis.

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