5 Ways To Celebrate Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Some angels choose fur instead of wings and dogs are among them. But, not all furry angels get the heaven they deserve. There are numbers of dogs waiting in shelters for a good home. Therefore, in 1981 the American Humane Association founded Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in response to the increasing number of dogs and puppies entering shelters each year.  Their goal is to raise awareness among people to adopt a shelter dog so that a dog can get a better life. And in honor of this cause, October has been designated as an Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.


Share On Social Media

As the saying goes, ‘If everyone had something to contribute, there would be enough’. Contribution can be done in any form, even by just sharing about what to contribute for, itself can make a great impact. Social media platforms play a major role in helping to reach a lot of people by posting and spreading a word about the cause. So, you can simply post about Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, can the post in detail. This will not only spread the word but will also contribute to help local shelter homes by influencing people to adopt a shelter dog in the Adopt a shelter dog month.


Donate To The Local Shelter

Donation is an easy and significant way to contribute in a cause. Therefore, you can donate to a local shelter not only in the form of money but also by donating pet care supplies, flea and tick products, heartworm treatments, and other essential products for the shelter dogs. You can make a great difference just by purchasing food or pet care essentials as shelter homes are always in need of all these in order to give their best services to shelter dogs.

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Become A Foster Parent

Fostering a pet is a highly convenient option if you are not looking for a long-term commitment like adoption. Fostering a shelter dog is not only helpful to the shelters but is also a noble deed. If you cannot take on a dog for full-time you can surely provide them with a temporary home.


Volunteer At The Local Shelter

If you can donate something best then donate your service. On this Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, get in touch with your local animal shelter and lookup if they need any help with the adoption. You can also volunteer at a local shelter by taking the dogs for the walks or feeding them that are available for adoption.


Spread The Word

Spreading the word about a cause makes a great difference. Therefore, talk to others about adopting a shelter dog instead of purchasing one. Explain the advantages of adopting a shelter dog or even being a foster parent. Moreover, you can also write a letter to the editor for your local newspaper in order to help educate other people and your community about the importance of shelter pet adoption.

Ideally, the best way to celebrate adopt a shelter dog month is by adopting a shelter dog so that he can get a better home and the love and care he deserves. Moreover, you can also encourage friends and family members to offer their support for this important cause.