Bravecto vs. NexGard for Dogs: The preferred treatment for your pet

As a dog parent, one of your paramount priorities is to keep your furry babies away from harmful fleas and ticks. Ticks carry pathogens and lead to severe illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Fleas on the other hand, breed quickly and carry dangerous bacteria.

There is a wide range of products that eliminate fleas and ticks. However, pet parents majorly depend on chewables as they are the easiest to administer. Amongst several chewables available in the market, Bravecto and NexGard are widely used by pet parents. In this article, we will take a look at the difference between the two products and conclude which one is more suitable for our furry babies.


Difference between Bravecto and Nexgard

Bravecto and NexGard Chewable are highly effective flea and tick oral treatments. However, they do come with noteworthy differences. Let us have a look at them:

  • Active Ingredient: The active ingredient of Bravecto is Fluralaner, while NexGard is composed of Afoxolaner.
  • Age Suitability: There is a significant difference in age suitability between both products. While Bravecto can be safely administered to puppies above 6 months of age, NexGard can be given to puppies as young as 6 weeks.
  • Dosage: Both treatments are administered as single doses. However, the time gap between the first and second doses is different. Bravecto needs to be administered once every 3 months. On the other hand, you need to feed NexGard on a monthly basis.
  • Manufacturer: Bravecto is manufactured by Merck and NexGard is made by Merial/ Boehringer Ingelheim.
  • Safety: Both treatments are safe on dogs. However when we talk of pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs, we can rely only on Bravecto. As per the research, Bravecto is completely safe on these dogs. However, it has not yet been evaluated if NexGard can be safely used on them.
  • Taste: Bravecto offers tasty chews, whereas NexGard comes in the form of much more palatable beef-flavored chews.
  • Working Time: Bravecto chews starts killing fleas in just two hours of administration whereas NexGard kills all existing fleas in 24 hours.

Comparison between Bravecto and NexGard

The table below features a detailed comparison between Bravecto and NexGard



1. Price: NexGard

NexGard edges out Bravecto when it comes to price as it is much cheaper per dose. However, since 3 doses of NexGard and 1 dose of Bravecto are required to be administered, the difference comes out to be quite small. Still, if you are administering NexGard to your dog, you can save a few dollars.

2. Availability: Tie

The availability of both Bravecto and NexGard is quite easy. They are available on Canadavetexpress at discounted prices.

3. Effectiveness: Bravecto

If Bravecto and NexGard are taken into consideration, Bravecto is more effective when it comes to treating fleas and ticks. This is partially because Bravecto lasts 12 weeks and you don’t need to worry about treating your dog every month. Its only limitation is that it is 100% effective against Lone Star Ticks for only 8 weeks.

Also, Bravecto kills fleas within 2 hours and ticks within 12 hours, which is way quicker than NexGard which takes as long as 48 hours to get the same result. It has also been found out that Bravecto controls Lone Star Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Black-Legged Tick and American Dog Tick. However, NexGard is not effective against the American Dog Tick.

We also have to note that Bravecto should not be used in puppies younger than 6 months of age whereas NexGard can be used in dogs of 8 weeks and older.

Wrapping Up

Having thoroughly reviewed both the products, it can be concluded Bravecto is way superior in features. When it comes to flea and tick treatment, both Bravecto and NexGard are equally effective. But when your dog is infested with American Dog Tick, you will have to opt for Bravecto.


1. Can Bravecto and NexGard kill Fleas and Ticks?

Yes, both Bravecto and NexGard are capable of killing Fleas and Ticks

2. How are Bravecto and NexGard similar?

Despite having different manufacturers and active ingredients, both Bravecto and NexGard are equally effective against fleas and ticks.

3. What is the difference between Bravecto and NexGard?

Both Bravecto and NexGard are oral flea and tick treatments and are different in a few aspects. Bravecto is composed of fluralaner whereas NexGard is formulated with afoxolaner. Also, while it takes 2 hours from administration for Bravecto to start working, NexGard tends to kill 100% of fleas within 24 hours.

4. How do Bravecto and NexGard kill fleas and ticks?

Bravecto is composed of fluralaner, an insecticide that affects the nervous system of pests. When fleas and ticks infest your dog, they consume small amounts of fluralaner and die. NexGard, on the other hand, is made up of afoxolaner, an insecticide that eliminates fleas and ticks by creating hyperexcitation and uncontrolled activity in their nervous system.

5. What is the dosage of Bravecto and NexGard?

The dosage patterns of Bravecto and NexGard are quite different from each other. While Bravecto needs to be administered every 3 months, NexGard is a monthly treatment.

6. Where can I procure Bravecto and NexGard?

You can buy Bravecto and NexGard from Canadavetexpress at reasonable rates and special discounts.