Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?

The fearful outbreak of Coronavirus from China has now become a major matter of concern for people across the globe. At public places, it may freak you out to even sense a symptom that can cause coronavirus. Therefore, just as alarmed you’re regarding your health; you may also be worried about your pet’s health.

We clearly understand your concern as a pet-parent when it comes to such a malignant virus. And yes there’s a Canine Coronavirus Disease which apparently doesn’t appear to be linked to the distress that’s currently in the news. Usually, Coronavirus in dogs is a short-lived disease but can deteriorate your pup’s well-being. So, check out things to know about Coronavoris in dogs.

Well, viruses come and go but if you keep your pet’s immune system strong then there will be very fewer chances of your pet getting infected to such viruses. Therefore, it is mandatory to give nutritional food to your pet, protect them from parasites by providing flea and tick preventives, have frequent checkups of your pet and maintain their overall well-being.