Comfortis Plus (Trifexis) vs Simparica Trio

Trifexis vs Simparica Trio

Providing your fur child with optimum health by protecting them against different kinds of parasites is the paramount goal for all pet lovers. We, as their parents, don’t leave any stone unturned to achieve this objective. But the key question is which treatment to go with?

Today’s market is flooded with all kinds of pet treatments, and if you are new to pet parenting, you can get confused with the spectrum of treatment options. To make your selection process easier, we have prepared a thorough comparison of two of the most popular, vet-recommended brands; Comfortis Plus (Trifexis) and Simparica Trio. Just go through the detailed analysis, and we’re sure you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your pet’s needs.

Key Differences – Trifexis vs Simparica Trio

This section will explain a few of the key differences between Trifexis and Simparica Trio:


  • Trifexis is a beef-flavored, oral tablet that protects your dog against fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.
  • Simparica Trio is a flavored chewable tablet that safeguards your dog against fleas, ticks, heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms.


  • Trifexis contains Spinosad and Milbemycin Oxime as active ingredients, whereas
  • Simparica Trio comprises three active substances (as the name suggests) Sarolaner, Moxidectin, and Pyrantel.


  • Both Trifexis and Simparica Trio should be given orally once every month.
  • To achieve maximum effectiveness, administer Trifexis with food. Simparica Trio can be given with or without food.

When to Start:

  • Trifexis is recommended for 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs that are 5 lbs or more in weight size.
  • Simparica Trio should be initiated in 8 weeks old puppies weighing at least 2.8 lbs.


  • Dogs should be tested for heartworms prior to administration of both Trifexis and Simparica Trio.
  • Trifexis should be used with caution in breeding females. The safety of Trifexis has not been evaluated in breeding males.
  • Use Simparica Trio with caution in dogs with a history of seizures or other neurologic disorders. The safety of Simparica Trio has not been evaluated in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs.

Trifexis and Comfortis Plus Feature comparison table:

The table below exhibits an extensive comparison of product features of both these products:

Trifexis vs Simparica Trio


If you intend to protect your animal against fleas, heartworms, and intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms both Trifexis and Simparica Trio are equally good options depending on the dog’s weight. On top of fleas, heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms, if you want to have added protection against ticks, choose Simparica Trio. In any case, consulting with a veterinarian before initiating any treatment on your pet is the ideal way to start the proceedings.


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