National Pet Month: I Found My Life Back, Thank You!

NATIONAL-PET-MONTHNational Pet Month i.e. the month of May is a “thank you note” from humans to pets for bringing joy and positivity in the lives of millions of pet parents; for being that one reason to smile when everything seems to put you down; for teaching the importance of living each and every moment to the fullest.

I realized these things when I stumbled upon a weak small stray pup on my way back to my place about 3 months ago. I was just meandering through the dark narrow street, both physically and mentally (due to stress and depression), and assuming to have taken a shortcut to my apartment, was when I heard a voice similar to that of yelping dog. I kept walking until I heard the yelping the second time. The loneliness and pain in the yelping resonated with the loneliness and pain in my heart instantly. I stopped; I turned around and I stood for some time. Due to utter darkness, all I could hear was just the yelping, the more he yelped the more I was attracted towards him.

Still, I don’t know why a fearful guy like me didn’t shit my pants at that very moment. In fact, I gathered courage and advanced towards the spot from where the sound was originating.

You might be thinking, “Why this guy didn’t switch on his flashlight?” Well, to answer that even I think the same now,” Why the hell I didn’t switch on the flashlight?”

However, moving forward, as I was advancing carefully and stealthily, I felt as though I kicked something; a living thing for sure. I quickly reached out to my pocket and grabbed my phone. After a few failed attempts in trying to switch on my mobile’s flashlight, I finally managed to do it.

I agree with what you are thinking, that was idiotic stuff; I should have switched-on the flashlight way before. As I moved my flashlight to focus on the object I just hit, I noticed a tiny little pup lying there haplessly.

A chill ran down my spine as I picked the poor fellow up with my bare hands, without even thinking twice as to how risky it could be (to my health). Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined a guy like me who loathed being licked all over the face by puppies, having one in my arms. Leaving my dislikes aside, I took the pup to a veterinary emergency clinic at 55th St. in NY and admitted him; perhaps because of the guilt of accidentally kicking him or maybe because I could relate to the poor soul’s loneliness.

On the way to the clinic, my bare hands felt his heartbeat and my eyes constantly met his eyes that opened occasionally but whenever they did they used to trigger the sensitive doors which were closed by the practical world. I felt different; sadness because of the condition of the dog; happiness because I still don’t clearly know why! Maybe because it was after a long time I felt I was a living creature; a human and not a robot who does everything by calculating the pros and cons, profits and losses, etc, etc.

Meanwhile, the vet stated that the dog was emaciated and starved; most probably abandoned. A heavy tick infestation in his ears had made him anemic. Furthermore, they had tested him for various other infections and diseases as well. It was only after a rigorous diet regime, sleepless nights and all sorts of treatments like flea and tick treatments, worming treatments, etc, etc, that the pup regained his health.

I used to stand and watch him sleep. God knows why, but yes I did. People around me used to say that I had found my daughter back whom I lost to cancer last year. Seeing me take so much care and effort, the vet advised me to adopt the pup but I had already made my decision.

“I adopted him.”

Everybody believes that I saved the pup’s life, but only I know, it’s the other way round. In the process of healing the pup physically, I was healed mentally. I was feeling lighter and happier as if I had attained what they call – “Nirvana.”

I had to name him something so I named him “Lucy”; the name of my long gone daughter.

It may sound pretty crazy; a female name for a male dog, but it is what it is. And perhaps, if Lucy could speak, he would definitely be saying,” Lucy? Seriously? Couldn’t you have come up with a better name than embarrass me in front of my buddies?”

Well, he barks at me at times; maybe trying to say the words just above.

I’d like to conclude by thanking each one of you for taking out your precious time and reading my story. It’s a story that is really close to my heart and I felt that this might be the best time to pen it down for the world to read. And also learn to be more kind and grateful to pets and animals in general.

Also, I am going to celebrate my first National pet month by going out camping and traveling different countries with my Lucy because it’s been a while now that I have traveled with my daughter sitting on my lap, snuggling and troubling me, looking out of the window; looking at my face and asking several cute but pointless questions….. I want to answer them patiently once again.

William Wegman

William Wegman is a responsible and proud father of Lucy (now his pet dog). He is a sales manager by profession but his hobby of writing and reading makes his life worth living. He loves to spend his time with Lucy after office hours.