5 Pawsome Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Globally celebrated as Valentine’s Day, 14th February is all about expressing love towards family, friends, partner, spouse, or anyone who holds a paramount significance in your life. When it comes to celebrating love, we all are dragged towards it, and at times when we look back, we can realize that we mistakenly loved someone more than they did. It becomes a harder part to gulp the fact that love comes with terms and conditions even from the ones whom we love unconditionally.

But wait, we really won’t be ranting about miseries of love if we have that four-legged buddy in our life.

Yes, you got that right. We, of course, aren’t talking about pets replacing humans because come on, pets are far better than humans, and we know you just can’t stop yourself from agreeing. You might be having plans, but here’s a list of things you can do with your pet this Valentine’s Day.


Dinner For Two

The very first thing that pops up to mind is a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day. The fine dines with some wine just for you, soft music, sharable treats, a loving partner…What a pawfect date! Exactly! It would be so much fun to plan a date night with your pup. Plus, you can decorate your dining with candles to have a starry date night adding a little more fun to your love feast.


Do Something They Love To Do

The saddest part is that pets live a shorter life, and they’ve to spend most of their time waiting for us to reach home every dayIf our pets can still love us unconditionally without grumbling about how less time we spend with them, then how can we resist spending an entire evening doing the stuff they love to do?

So, on this Valentine’s Day, think about your pet’s favorite things to do from visiting a dog park to playing with other furry buddies to hiking or hogging on the food they love and giving them the best.


Special Day Special Treats

We, the pet-parents, are a bit more concerned when our dog demands to eat his favorite treats, and we deny that because we’re concerned about their health. However, when we can have cheat days, why not our dogs? Besides, it’s Valentine’s Day, and your furry pal surely deserves a plate full of his favorite treats. You can bake some cakes, cookies, or treats right in your kitchen and see your pup savoring them.


Grooming with Spa

Brushing and bathing your dog is too cliché for Valentine’s Day. Plan to take him to a spa instead of just grooming your pet, which you usually do. Giving your dog a spa-style massage at home or taking him to a dog-spa center will be one of the best options to relax and pamper your pooch.


Plan an Excursion

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you just cannot be indoors. All the days you’ve been busy with your work, and these are one of those days where you can spend some leisure time with your furry buddy. So, plan in advance for an outing during Valentine’s Day to make it a ‘Palentine’s Day’ with your furry pal. Moreover, you can also pack your bags and go for a road trip to explore the outskirts or other nearby places in the city.


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