Worms in Cats & How to Treat Them

Keeping your cat worm-free is one of the most important aspects of cat parenting. Worms in cats are mostly gastrointestinal parasites that usually live in the digestive system of your cat and cause serious health problems. However, there are other types of worms too, like heartworm and ringworm, which are not gastrointestinal worms.

To recognize and treat worms in cats at an early stage, we recommend cat parents become familiar with the symptoms, treatments, and prevention of worms in cats.

Symptoms of Worms in Cats

Healthy-looking cats may also be carrying worms, so it’s essential to be cautious of these gross creatures. The most obvious symptoms of worms in cats is the visible presence of worms in your cat’s feces or around its anus and tail.

You might also notice:

  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Bloated stomach
  • Dull coat
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Skin lesions
  • Scooting

If you notice worms around your cat’s bottom, wipe them away with damp cotton, discard them properly, and consult your veterinarian right away.

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Common Types of Worms in Cats

Tapeworms: Cats get tapeworms through flea bites. They are small, white segments in the digestive system whose presence may be indicated in the feces or around the anus of the cat. To prevent tapeworms in cats, flea prevention is recommended.

Roundworms: They are also gastrointestinal worms, which are mostly passed from a mother to her kittens through her milk. However, cats can also contract them by ingesting roundworm eggs or by eating roundworm-infected rodents.

Hookworms: The larvae of the hookworms live in the soil, and they can enter the cat’s system through their paws or during grooming. They may leave lesions on the paw or from where they have penetrated, and they remain attached to the lining of the cat’s gut.

Heartworms: Heartworms in cats are not as common as they are in dogs. However, once a cat gets heartworms, they are extremely dangerous to her health. Heartworm infection may result in heart failure or the sudden death of the cat.

Ringworm: Ringworm is a highly contagious fungus that affects the skin. A ringworm infection is easy to detect as it appears as patches on the skin. If you suspect ringworm infection, immediately isolate her from the other pets.

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Treatment and Prevention of Worms in Cats

If you notice any signs of worms in cats, consult your veterinarian at the earliest. Your veterinarian will recommend deworming treatments in accordance with the type of worms found. These cat wormers come in tablet, liquid, or injection forms.

You can also treat your cat with branded over-the-counter dewormers that are easily available in the market. Here are some recommendations from CanadaVetExpress that may help in the prevention and treatment of worms:

Milbemax Allworming Tablets 

Milbemax is one of the most trusted dewormers for cats. It effectively treats roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms in cats. Monthly administration of Milbemax also prevents heartworms in cats.                                                                                                                                                                milbemax cats

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Drontal Cat Worming Tablets

Drontal is a vet-recommended oral treatment to deworm cats. It kills hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms in the intestinal tracts of cats and kittens and keeps them infection-free.

drontal for cats


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Antezole Liquid Wormer

Antezole liquid effectively treats roundworm and hookworm infections in cats and kittens. This tasty liquid is easily accepted by pets, and it comes in a handy pump bottle for easy dosing.

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Panacur Oral Paste

Panacur Oral Paste is a potent and safe worming treatment for cats and kittens. It kills both mature and immature stages of worms, and its palatable formulation allows easy dosing.

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