Active Dog Month – How to Keep Your Dog Active


Call it Active Dog Month, Canine Fitness Month, or Dog Fitness Month; April is the time to pay extra attention to your furry companions’ physical fitness. We all know that an active lifestyle leads to a longer, healthier life and during this month, you must re-examine your commitment to keeping your dog active.

And, especially after all these freezing cold days, now it might be difficult to get back on track with your dog. In this blog, you shall learn about the importance of keeping your dog active and how you can do so. Keep reading to keep your dog active and happy.

Importance of Keeping Your Dog Active

Dogs are great companions and they often adapt to the lifestyles that we live. So, if you are living a sedentary life, it might take no longer than a few days to turn your dog into a couch potato. A sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of obesity, a rising health problem in the canine population.

Furthermore, regular movement or exercise also helps keep your dog’s mental and emotional well-being in check. It helps prevent destructive or unwanted behaviors like excessive barking or chewing and promotes good sleep.

Dogs that do not have sufficient physical activity in their routine are more vulnerable to health problems like obesity, joint stiffness, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and other diseases that may affect their longevity of life.

And finally, dogs love spending time with their owners. So, exercising and playing with your dog, or even going out for long walks will strengthen your relationship with them.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Active

The activity levels of dogs may differ as per their age, size, and breed. It is best to take the help of your veterinarian to determine the amount of activity your dog needs. Generally, thirty minutes to one hour is a good range for healthy dogs.

Most dog owners prefer to walk their dogs as a part of their daily routines. But here are some other interesting ways to keep your dog active during Active dog Month:

Go on a hiking trip

Plan a hiking trail with your loyal companion in the mountains or valleys. Dogs enjoy exploring new smells and scenes along the way, and this could be a great weekend escape plan too.

Take swimming sessions

Most dogs love splashing in the pool, especially on sunny days. Swimming is also the best exercise for dogs with joint issues. Jump into the pool with your dog and make the best memories.

Play Fun Games

What can be better than playing games with your dog on a Sunday? Call your group and ask if they’re up for a game of fetch, hide and seek, or tug of war. This group activity can be a good opportunity to socialize your dog.

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Teach New Tricks

If your dog knows all the basic commands, now is the time to level up the game. Teach your dog to spin, hive five, bow, or anything you would like them to learn. Incorporate lots of physical movements while training them.

Join Doga Classes

Doga, meaning yoga with dogs, is an emerging exercise trend these days. Sign up for an online yoga class or at the one in your neighborhood and master all the poses.

Create Obstacle Workouts

Take out all those unused boxes and tyres from your storage and use them for creating obstacle workouts for your dog. It is a great activity for mental stimulation too.

Reconsider Diet & Treats

If your love for your dog is an excuse to give them too many treats, think again. Too many treats and an improper diet are even more harmful than being inactive. Don’t let such a small thing ruin your dog’s health.

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Celebrating #ActiveDogMonth…

April is the time to make sure that you are putting in the effort to help your dog burn calories and stay in shape. And, now you know why it is more important than ever not to neglect their physical movement. Try as many ways as possible from the ones mentioned above and buckle up to keep your dog moving.

At the same time, don’t forget to encourage other furrends and their parents by sharing your pictures with the hashtag #activedogmonth on social media. You can also share this article with your friends to remind them to take part in this campaign and contribute to the well-being of the canine population.