Amazing Benefits Of Massage In Dogs

Massage – the name itself is so relaxing isn’t it? We all love to go for a massage session every now and then to de-stress ourselves from the busy modern lives. Well, do you know getting your pet some massage session can be just as invigorating for him as it is for us? It gives them mental tranquility and eases their pain by stimulating the healing process. Many dogs with stiff joints have benefitted a lot after receiving several massage sessions. Their mobility has improved remarkably. There are many such physical and behavioral benefits that a massage offers to your dog.  So, let’s check some of them so you can start including the activity in your pet’s routine.

Physical Advantages

Relaxation and Improved Circulation

Physical touch reduces the anxiety and alleviates pain in the body. It relaxes the stiff muscles and joints by circulating the blood into those parts. Massage cleanses the lymphatic system by expelling the toxins and pushing the oxygen to the massaged area. The cerebral spinal fluid moves up and down as the head and spine areas of the dog are massaged. This increases flexibility and relaxes the distressed brain of your Fido. Various stress releasing hormones also get activated during the massage which makes him calm and happy.

Early Detection Of Any Disease

Many times we are unable to see our pet’s wounds because they get covered by the fur. When you massage your pet, you can actually feel any bruises, abrasions or bumps and lumps on his skin. This may indicate flea or tick infestation and you can treat him immediately.

Emotional Advantages

Improved Behavior

Dogs that receive massage have been seen to become more tolerable to human touch. A therapeutic massage on the stomach region is beneficial in improving the behavior of fear-biters and aggressive dogs. Massage also reduces separation anxiety in sensitive dogs.

Better Bonding

Massaging your dog also helps you to spend quality time with your pet. It makes him feel comfortable and this way he gradually develops more trust towards his owner. They love belly rubs and scratches from their human companions. So, go ahead and have some good time together.

Massage has a healing power that can improve the overall health of your beloved pet. So, take him to a salon or rather do it yourself so you can boost your relationship with your pet, subsequently improving his behavior and well-being.

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