Celebrating Work Like A Dog Day, The Right Way

Each year on the 5th of August, Work Like A Dog Day is celebrated and observed in almost all parts of the world. It is a special day to honor the hard-working people who have put in all their hard work, not only in their workplaces but also at home and at the same time, working hard to keep their furry pals safe and secure from perilous pests. And, we at CanadaVetExpress, hope that you will take part in celebrating this grand occasion. Below are a few ways in which you can do so. Go, take a read.

Ways To Celebrate Work Like A Dog Day

It is imperative to remember that such a day can and should be celebrated along with your dogs because after all, the special day came into existence because of them. The idea of Work Like A Dog Day commenced due to the fact that working dogs and guard dogs gave their all in keeping their country and people safe from outside obstructions. Similarly, we humans slog it out not only at our workplaces but also at home to ensure the safety of our family and pets. In lieu of that, here’s how one can celebrate this day.


#1. Take The Day Off And Enjoy

It’s as simple as that! Take the day off, sit at home, and enjoy some lovely family time with your family and pets. Try and bond with your furry buddy, and perhaps even make some delicious food for the family and your four-legged friends. Sometimes, that is all you need in life!


#2. Honor Working Dogs

On Work Like A Dog Day, there is no apt time to go and honor the working dogs of yesteryears. Honoring them and striving to work even harder (at your workplace and keeping your family and pets safe) is something we all can vow to be better at. Work Like Your Dog Day surely allows you to do that (vowing to work harder for your family and pets in keeping them safe at all times).


#3. Let Others Know

Sharing is indeed caring. There are many workaholics out there that don’t even know that there’s a special day for them. Let them know that their hard work is appreciated and that they too should celebrate Work Like A Dog Day, the right way. Spread the word through social media by remembering to use the hashtag ‘#WorkLikeADogDay’.


So while you slog it out like a dog, do not forget to take a break and enjoy the company of your beloved four-legged friends and family. Stay safe, and like always, keep your buddies safe too.