Complete Guide To Maintaining Overall Health Of Dogs

There are many things that you need to take care of when you have a dog. Taking care of pets is no easy matter and their needs aren’t just limited to food and sleep. Dogs are wild and exuberant by nature, which means they’d rather play and make a mess than just be quiet. Hence, taking care of dogs is almost same as looking after a child. You need to feed them, bathe them, provide sufficient exercise, and ensure they’re sleeping well. However, there are many things that pet parents often neglect or don’t pay heed to. Therefore, keep on reading to find out how to properly care for your furry friend and maintain his overall health.

Keeping Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy

Taking care of your dog’s eyes is imperative. Failing to do so can lead to eye infections in dogs. Moreover, the dog may have discomfort due to reddened, swollen, puffy or watery eyes. Thus, always clean your furry pal’s eyes when bathing him. This will get rid of all the accumulated dust in and around his eyes.

Furthermore, there are plenty of treatments available to clean the dog’s ears. You can wash his eyes with water and clean off any discharge or tearstains around the eye with a damp cloth. A product such as Kyron Eye Wash is highly recommended by vets. This mild solution gently cleans the eyes and provides the cooling effect. Made with all-natural ingredients, this is a perfect eye cleansing solution for dogs.


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Caring for Your  Dog’s Ears

You want your pooch to listen to and obey your commands, right? Well, for that you need to ensure your furry pal is able to hear properly. Dog’s ears are very tricky to clean and many dogs have hair in their ears, which gives dust and other particles a space to build up and create an infection. This is one of the reasons why there’s so much wax formation in the dogs’ears. Moreover, this can lead to severe infections which can also deteriorate your dog’s health.

Therefore, clean your dog’s ears frequently to avoid such issues. If you are having trouble cleaning the dog’s ears with cloth or water, you may opt for products that are made specifically for this purpose. CleanEar, Malacetic Otic and Cleanaural are products that assist in cleaning the dog’s ears. You can choose the right product according to your pet’s needs.

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Maintaining Oral Hygiene Of Dogs

Maintaining oral hygiene is a must because whatever infections occur in the mouth, straight away go into the dog’s system. Thus, before anything else, see that there’s no tartar build-up or infection in the dog’s mouth. Sometimes you may also observe bad odor coming from your furry buddy’s mouth and that could be due to gum disease or gingivitis. In fact, these conditions can get severe if not treated in its initial stage.

For keeping the dog’s teeth clean, buy dental products made especially for animals. The toothbrush we use is very harsh on their teeth. They need mild toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush to clean their teeth. Therefore, it’s best to invest in good dental products such as Pet Dent Toothbrush,  Pet Dent Gel Toothpaste and Pet Dent Oral Rinse for dogs.


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Keeping the Dog Hydrated

Water is the solution to many health diseases. It is very essential to remove toxins out of the body of humans as well as animals. A dog’s body is made up of 80% of water, so just imagine what would happen if you lower his water intake. If your furry pal loves to play outdoors, especially during summers, you need to ensure he’s drinking sufficient water. By keeping him well hydrated, you are protecting him from many health issues.

Feeding Your Dog a Proper Diet

A good diet is a key to good health. Well, balanced meals will not only keep your dog’s body weight in check, but it will also improve his immune system. Moreover, eating treats and greasy food will just push your dog towards obesity and increasing health issues. There are also foods that are harmful to the dog’s health, so be aware of those food items. Furthermore, dogs also need vitamins and minerals in their diet. If you think the dog is not getting the required amount of it, you need to add supplements to his diet such as Value Plus Organic Calcium Powder.


Maintaining Healthy Gut Of Your Dogs 


When the dog eats something unusual, he might develop an allergy because of it. Allergies need to be treated immediately so prevent bad repercussions. Dogs can also get digestive upsets and it can be very discomforting for a dog to have constipation and diarrhea. Moreover, this will affect the entire body of your pooch as he won’t be able to move freely due to indigestion. Whenever such a situation occurs, you can give him Digestive Upsets to ease the discomfort and provide relief.


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Keeping Your Dog’s Skin and Coat Healthy

The skin and coat of dogs vary from breed to breed. The dogs with long fur might require more care and maintenance compared to the ones with short hair. Moreover, their skin also calls for extra care during summers. There might be times when your furry buddy develops some allergic reaction which leads to itching or scratching, and for that, Apoquel is one of the best and most recommended products.


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In addition, you also need to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny, thus below are some points you need to consider–

  1. Always use dog shampoos and conditioner while bathing your pooch. Human shampoos can be harsh on their skin. Malacetic Shampoo and Malacetic Conditioners are specially formulated to keep the dog’s skin healthy and germ-free.
  2. In addition, if you want to give him a shiny and lustrous coat, you may also apply supplements such as    Essential 6 to rejuvenate the dog’s skin.
  3. Ensure regular grooming of the dog’s fur, and check for any kind of infestation regularly.
  4. When stepping out of the house, apply sunscreen on your dog’s skin to protect him from harmful sunrays. One of the vets recommended sunscreen products is Petscreen Sunscreen.

These steps will help keep your dog’s skin healthy and clean. Moreover, by using these products, you are protecting your pooch from many skin diseases including skin cancer that is caused by harmful UV rays.

Protecting your Dog From Worms and Parasites

Fleas and ticks, heartworms and intestinal worms can really damage your dog’s health. Tick-borne disease like Lyme disease can be fatal for dogs. We recommend all year round preventative treatments for protecting dogs from these parasites and worms. Therefore, ensure you have flea and tick preventatives treatments, heartworm preventatives and wormers for your pooch.


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Taking Care Of  Your Dog’s Joints

Dogs are always up to something and that’s why it’s vital to keep their joints healthy. If you look after the dog’s joint health from early on, he won’t face any issues later in his life. As the dog starts aging, his bones and cartilages get weaker. To prevent that, you need to provide calcium-rich food and can also add supplements to his diet to improve mobility. Joint Guard for Dogs is a top-selling joint care supplement which encourages synovial fluid generation, cartilage building, and healthy joints.

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Maintaining Mental Health For Your Dogs

If you think about wellness, mental health comes before everything else. When a person or animal is mentally fit and content, he can face any challenges. However, when a dog is depressed or has anxiety, he will fear the smallest of things. These mental health issues have obvious signs – lethargic, not interested in activities, destructive behavior, anxiousness, etc. Thus, if you observe any such signs, take your furry pal to the vet to get the correct diagnosis.

We, at CanadaVetExpress, provide a wide range of products for controlling such anxiety issues in dogs.

Many pet parents miss little things which then lead to health issues in dogs. So, in order to maintain your furry pal’s well-being, ensure you are taking complete care of him.