Ensuring Safety of Pet Pigeon Once He gets attacked by Another Animal


It is really sad news for a bird owner when his pet pigeon gets attacked by another animal. Like any other pet, bird owners have a special place for pigeons and so naturally when the pigeon gets assaulted; it results in great pain in pet owners. But before we look at the emotional turmoil that bird owners have to deal in this situation, think about the poor pigeon. Remember any animal attack is deemed as life threatening for your birdie which needs immediate veterinarian attention. This implies even if the pigeon looks fine and normal and shows no signs of pain.

For avian veterinarians; it is quite common to find lots of pigeons getting assaulted by dogs and cats. But apart from these two species of animals there are other animals too that can have serious impact on pigeons. Hence, it is advised to keep ferrets and pigeons in separate places even if they live in the same house.

So now, let us look at the different steps that you need to undertake after your pet pigeon has been assaulted by another animal:

Free your pet pigeon from the aggressive animal

First of all you need to keep a cool head and try to free your pigeon from the jaws of the other animal. Remember; do not ever feel threat in front of the other animal; because if that is the case, then due to the sensitive nature of pigeons your fear will make their situation worse. Try to get the help of the dog or cat owner; if the situation gets out of hand. If you cannot find any help, try to surprise the aggressive animal by making loud noises in such a way that they drop the bird. You can even spray water on them.

If it is a large animal, then get a hold of a large stick so that you can defend yourself if the animal tried to attack you. Once the pigeon has been dropped; try to hold him ensuring that the pigeon does not get squeezed. It might be a case where the pigeon might have sustained internal and external injuries; hence, try to be as gentle as possible with him.

Clean your hands before dealing with injuries of the pigeon

It is always better to wash your hands properly with soap and water before looking for injuries or wounds on the pigeon; even better if you use handy latex gloves. Remember your pigeon’s system will have enough to work on; and so try to ensure that unnecessary pathogens do not enter their body through your dirty hands.

Ensure that the other animal is tied to a rope before taking further action

If you are yourself frightened of the other animal it will hamper in the treatment of the pigeon and so try to get rid of the aggressive animal before giving the treatment. You can do this by tying them with a rope; so that they do not return back to harm the pigeon.

Contact the avian veterinarian ASAP

It has generally been observed that the mouths of animals like dogs, cats, other birds and all critters contain bacteria that are very dangerous for the overall health of your pigeon. Even if the pigeon looks fine take them to the avian veterinarian so that if required antibiotic treatment can be commenced immediately.

If left untreated the pigeon can even die within a period of 1 day after the attack due to the septic shock caused by bacteria from the attacking animal. Hence, it is always better to take assistance from your veterinarian to stabilize the situation of the pigeon.

Stabilize your pigeon by preventing further bleeding

You will need a first aid kit to prevent further bleeding in the pigeon. Have the kit readily accessible all the time. Try to find out the source of bleeding. Clean the blood with warm water and then put Super Clot Gel to the wound to clot the blood. It contains antibiotics that help in reducing the pain. You can even make use of corn starch or flour to clot the bleeding.

Apply it to the source of the wound and put pressure for 1-2 minutes. It is important to understand that pigeons have little blood in comparison to human beings and even a small blood loss can be fatal. Hence, clot the blood before doing anything else.

Try to find out if there are any dislocated or broken limbs and then maneuver them in such a way that they get in the right position. Bind loosely and then prevent any further movement. Also ensure that the blood flow does not get restricted in the limbs. In case you have Avistraint in your First Aid Kit utilize it. If not, then use a towel on your pigeon. Do not ever get rid of the cloth once it has been placed as it can disturb the pigeon. Ensure that the pigeon can breathe easily.

Once this is done, put the pigeon in a warm, draft free travel cage and take them to the veterinarian immediately. As enumerated above, it has been observed that pigeons can die of septicemia within a day of infection caused due to the claws and saliva of dogs and cats. Hence, take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Your veterinarian will examine your pigeon and will try to find out if they have experienced any internal and external injuries along with broken bones or dislocations. He/she will also check the amount of blood that has been lost as a result of the attack.

It is always better to take the preventative measures than to regret later. Always remember that you have limited time to stabilize the pigeon and get them to the veterinarian. HURRY NOW; and always keep a stock of amazing bird supplies for the safety of your beloved pet by getting them only from CanadaVetExpress at a NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE PRICE!!

If you have been through the experience of aiding your ailing pigeon after a vicious attack from an aggressive animal; do post it in the comments section and we would gladly incorporate your personal experience in the form of a blog in our forthcoming write-ups. Till then keep reading and ensure the safety of your pets!!