Indoor Activities to Do With Your Dog In Winter

Winter calls for all things cozy! From drinking hot cocoa to lighting a bonfire, it is one of the most pleasant seasons. However, as the temperatures roll down, your pet’s needs also change. He can no longer wander out in the open as the floor is now covered in snow. Moreover, pets also feel cold, so it’s vital to keep them warm throughout the winters.

Now, many pet parents must be wondering, if the pet can’t play outside, how will they have their daily exercise? Well, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you and your pet can’t have fun! Below we have provided a list of ways you can stay indoors and still have fun with your furry pal!


Cozy Evenings

Though your pet loves to play, he won’t mind a quiet evening just cuddled with his favorite human! Moreover, even your pet will appreciate some time off in this chilling weather. Moreover, you can make it extra fun by getting your dog his favorite treat, which he can munch on while laying on the couch and watching a movie!

Playing Hide and Seek

Getting bored in the house? Well, this classic game won’t disappoint you! Take the initiative, and your furry buddy will instantly follow you! We live in a time where everything has turned digital, so sometimes it’s good to bring back the fun we used to have as kids by playing hide and seek with our friends!

Tug Toy

This is one more game you can add to your pet’s winter activity list. It is also one of the easiest games to play with pets. All it requires is a toy that you can throw across the room, and your furry kid can grab it!

Interactive Games

There are many interactive puzzles that are fun as well as stimulate the pet’s mind. These toys require your furry buddy’s efforts to get the reward (treat) out of it. It’s very beneficial in improving your pet’s mental strength and is a great option for when you’re feeling bored.

Stroll Around the Block

Although it’s too cold to go outside, there’s no harm in taking a stroll around the block with your pet. You can use Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm to keep the pet’s paws protected from the snow and salt. If it’s too chilly, put on a sweater on your pet, and you’re set. Also, wipe off the paws after returning, so it cleans any remaining chemicals or salt.


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Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Every season has its own benefits, and winter is all about staying in and keeping yourself warm. Sometimes, all you do is stay at home, and that is one of the best things to do! So, this winter season, indulge in some fun indoor activities while being lazy at the same time!