How to Select The Right Winter Coat For Your Dog

Winter is here! It is time to take out heavy winter coats and jackets to keep warm during the daily walks. Just as we like to keep warm during winter, our canine companions are also looking for the same. They too prefer to be warm during the cold days and this poses the question of whether they need a winter coat as we do.

Today we will try to answer all the questions you might have about your dog needing a winter coat.

Does My Dog Need a Winter Coat?

Before choosing any coat, the first thing to know is whether your dog needs one. Not all dogs need a coat or a sweater during the winter. It depends on various factors like their breed, health, skin, coat type, weight, size, and age. Most commonly, short-haired breeds, senior dogs, small dogs or puppies, and dogs with a certain medical ailment require winter coats more than others. Furthermore, if your pooch is short-legged, they might need a coat too, as being closer to the cold ground can make them colder than the taller breeds. Dogs with thin fur get cold easily too, so they are good contenders for a winter coat. On the other hand, breeds with thick fur will rarely require a coat as it already has natural insulating properties.

This also depends on the weather condition in your surroundings, if you have extreme temperature drops, even your thick-furred friend might need something to keep warm. As a good thumb rule- remember that if your dog is shivering, whimpering, whining, or slowing down, it’s time to go dog-coat shopping.

When Does My Dog Need a Coat?

Generally, dogs might need a coat during winter days, when the temperature drops to single digits or lower. If you are planning to take your dog for a walk in the park or Christmas shopping, they might need a coat to keep them warm and fuzzy to keep them protected from the icy temperatures. If your dog is active during cold temperatures, it might not need one. Additionally, if you live in a place that experiences chilly winds often, then a windbreaker along with a warm coat wouldn’t hurt.

What Type of Coat Should I Buy?

If you have decided that your dog can benefit from having a winter coat, it’s time to choose how you’d dress them up. Buying a winter coat for your four-legged friend needs a practical approach, getting distracted with cute designs will not necessarily fulfill the purpose of keeping them warm. The weather and type of fur on your dog will give you an indication of what kinds of material you should look for. Make sure to measure your dog before purchasing a winter coat or a jacket for them. It should fit them snugly but not tightly. The coat should not restrict any movements of your pooch; otherwise, they will get irritated. If you live in a place that has snowfalls, buying a waterproof coat will prove to be much handier. The normal jackets and coats can get wet and thus cause a bigger problem, waterproofing those will keep your pooch warm and dry, complete protection!

Don’t forget to cover your dog’s paws, when you take them out for a walk. While a jacket will keep their body warm, their paws need protection too. Choose dog boots in such a way that they don’t slip on the snowy streets and that they fit properly onto their feet.

Most Importantly,

Buy a coat that your dog feels comfortable to be in and is easy to put on and remove. Easily accessible straps and quick-release clasps are two dog-friendly features that you might keep an eye out for. Also, remove the jackets or coats when indoors or when you feel that your dog is overheating. Make sure you’re providing enough physical activity to your dog to keep them healthy during this cold winter.