Dogs Cry When They Are Sad; Is That True?

do-dog-cryLooking at the teary eyes of your dog you often think that he/she is crying because of sadness. You are not alone, many people think that way. But is it actually true? Do dogs really cry due to sadness?

Well, the answer to that question is “no”. Dogs don’t shed tears when they are sad or emotional and if your dog is shedding tears there is an underlying medical issue that you need to address.

So Do Dogs Have Emotions?

Yes, of course, they have emotions; they feel happy, sad, excited and etc. but their tear glands are of practical use. According to researchers, dogs express their emotions in different manners than crying. They whine because dogs rely on a verbal form of expression rather than the visual one. Although, there are times when the dogs get sad and they don’t whine either and this stage is called depression. Like humans, even dogs suffer from depression.

Withdrawal from playing even the games and toys they enjoyed, eating habit gets changed, sleeping excessively or not at all, and lethargic.

What Is The Use Of Tear Glands Then?

Tear glands in dogs are for the lubrication purpose to keep the eyes healthy. The fluid generated by the tear glands generally stays in the eyes and doesn’t come out.

What To Do If I See The Tears Coming Out Of My Dog’s Eyes?

The continuous flow of tears from the eyes of your dog is called epiphora and it is a sign or a symptom of disease or infection. You need to contact your vet because your pooch might be suffering from diseases like glaucoma, abnormal eyelashes, eye infections, blocked tear ducts, a tumor of the third eyelid, tear duct, nasal cavity or other areas of the face, conjunctivitis, a fracture or other facial bone injuries, and rhinitis or sinusitis.

However, sometimes it can be also due to simple reasons like dust particles or any foreign bodies entering your pooch’s eyes.

Therefore, many vets suggest regular use of eye washes like Kyron eyewash that keep eyes clean and healthy.


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In the end, it is very much clear that dogs don’t cry in sadness and neither they are emotionless. They do experience a wide range of emotions but they express them in a different manner hence whenever you see your companion crying don’t console him/her by just hugging or playing instead look for the medical issue that might be the reason behind the overflow of tears.