Ways To Make A Difference On This Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Adopt-a-shelter-cat-monthWhile you may be planning for your dog’s days for summer, the summer forecasts at the height of kitten season which is the time of cats breeding and an inrush of young kittens in the shelter. Rescue organizations and animal shelters are often full of new cute new junior additions due to the sudden abundance of young kittens around the time of June. Therefore, National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month is celebrated in June. The month of June is all about cat adoption, from the first day to the last.

Whether you are looking to adopt a cat or enthusiastically want to support shelter cats then here’s a list of ways that can help you to make a difference on this special month.

5 Things To Do On This Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Adopt a Cat

In the month of June, the increase in the population of cats fills the shelters across the country with cats and kittens in need of a home. This is the best time to fulfill your long time wish to adopt a pet. You can make a major difference by adopting a kitten and bringing home a furry ball of happiness. Adopting a new feline friend will not only make a difference in their life but will also make your life more interesting.

Foster a Pet

Fostering a pet is a noble cause more than adopting one. It’s the stray pets that suffer a lot. So, you can change the life of a pet by fostering one. By fostering a cat you help shelter reduce crowding and allow the pet to get used to the home environment until she gets a forever family. Moreover, even the shelter will rely on you to provide accurate information about a cat so that the staff can find her a perfect home.

Initiate a Fund Raiser

It is a great deal to host a fundraiser to celebrate your love for cats. You can support a cause or spread awareness for animals by creating a campaign that includes activities. Moreover, you can also spread the buzz about your fundraiser event through social media platforms such as Facebook by creating a page for the event and describe interesting things to do on an organized event.

Donate Gifts

The shelters and rescue organizations are always in need of things for the betterment of pets they take care of. So, on this adopt a shelter cat month if you don’t adopt a cat, you still have an option to donate stuff that is helpful to raise pets. Instead of giving pet accessories or toys, you can enrich the health of many cats and kittens by providing flea and tick preventive products, dewormers and skin care products.

Volunteer Your Time at The Shelter

Shelters are always short of staff especially in the summer season, so they always appreciate extra hands on deck. It can be great to make a difference by volunteering your time in the shelters during the adopt a shelter cat month. Your time is the best gift of all to those furry balls of cuteness.

Significantly, it is all about fulfilling the motive of this month to adopt a shelter cat and make a difference. Therefore, you need to pass an understanding of the importance and reasons to adopt a shelter cat. So, this month contribute towards a cause and save the lives of cats and kittens.