Pet Tales: Spending A Day Out With My Pet

Spending A Day Out With My Pet

Time spent with pets is never a waste. In fact, there are pet parents out there who would do anything to get to spend some quality time with their furry munchkins. And keeping this beautiful thought in mind, there is a heartwarming tale about a single pet parent and their furry buddy and how they spent a day together. So let’s read.

A Beautiful Day Out With My Pet:

Hello, my name is Richard and I live in Wisconsin with my three-year-old doggie named Missy. I had adopted her a few weeks after my wife passed, and I am really very happy that Missy walked into my life. She has brought back the happiness that I so richly was craving for. She has been an incredible part of my life now and I cannot imagine life without her.

Anyway, yesterday I had one of the most amazing days in my life. It was Missy’s third birthday. But since it was a working day, I felt disappointed because it was her first birthday with me. So I spoke with my boss and told him how important it was for me to take the day off. And, he was good enough to grant me a day’s leave. I was really eager to spend quality time with my baby, especially because it was her big day.

Birthday Celebration:

On the day of Missy’s birthday, I woke up in the morning and made her some tasty treats. She loves them, so I knew this would be the perfect way to start the day. And no kidding, she flogged them all in quick time. I could literally see her happy, which made me really happy. After breakfast, I planned on taking her for a car ride to this amazing dog park which was around 8 miles away. 


Dog Fun

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There was hardly a handful of people and their pets, so it was calm and relaxing. As soon as we reached, I spread out a sheet on the grass, sat down, and grabbed Missy. I played with her fur for a bit before taking the frisbee out. We played catch-catch for a bit before I was really tired, so I decided to sit down while Missy roamed the park and meeting new friends. We stayed in the dog park for another couple of hours before it was lunchtime. 

I had made a reservation for the two of us in this amazing restaurant near the park. We drove there, and when we reached, we received a nice warm welcome from the restaurant people. I had packed Missy’s lunch, so while she was munching on her favorite meal, I was busy gobbling up mine.

Once the meal was done, I reminded the waiter about the birthday cake and he was prompt in understanding. The cake came to our table and I began singing happy birthday Missy. A few people at the restaurant looked at me and joined in the singing. It was pleasing to see, you know. After we were done, I asked one of the waiters to click a few pictures of me and Missy because I really wanted to capture these precious moments. I thanked him, and we walked out.

Birthday Gift – Flea and Tick supplies:

Missy didn’t seem tired at all, but I was a bit tired. But I reminded myself that today was Missy’s day and I did not want to disappoint her. So we drove to this pet store downtown to buy something special for Missy. I picked out a few dog treat packets; the ones Missy really loves. And I also got a few flea and tick supplies as well because it was the season for these pesky critters to walk into the wild. After picking up all of these, we drove back home. I was super tired, so as soon as we lay foot at home, I went to take a nap. I took Missy with me and made her lay beside me.

When I woke up after about a couple of hours, I was amazed to see Missy still there. Her eyes were closed but when she heard me wake up, she opened her eyes. It was cute. I felt really happy and without a doubt, it was the best day of my life.”

And that’s a wrap!

What a touching and beautiful story, wasn’t it? If you too have a pet tale to tell, send in your stories to CanadaVetExpress via email and we will publish the best ones.

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