Buckle Up! It is Time to Celebrate Walk Your Dog Month

The chilly winter is all in bloom. Covered in a warm blanket and cuddling with your pooch on the couch, you are feeling too lazy to do anything. But then, what about those New Year resolutions of regular workouts and improving health? And while you plan to burn the extra calories, why leave your dog behind? Regular exercise and outdoor activities are key to your pet’s physical and mental well-being, and what better time to start a new exercise routine than the cold, lazy winter? January is Walk Your Dog Month, and it is a perfect time for new, healthy beginnings for both you and your furry buddy.

So, what Walk Your Dog Month is about and why should we celebrate it? Let’s take a look:-

The Idea Behind Walk Your Dog Month

Originating in the United States, Walk Your Dog Month is celebrated for spreading awareness about the importance of exercise for pets.

Approximately, 56% of dogs in the USA are obese, which means more than 50 million dogs across the country are overweight. With obesity come severe health problems like high blood pressure, kidney disease, and arthritis leading to reduced life expectancy for your beloved furry companion. Walk Your Dog Month encourages pet parents to pay heed to the need for regular walks and exercise to keep their dogs healthy and control obesity.

Designating January month for celebration is also not without reason. It is the start of the New Year, an apt time to set up a new routine. Also, your dog needs exercise all year round. And if you can go walk with your pet in colder weather, then you can do it any time.

Why celebrate Walk Your Dog Month

There is nothing more relieving than seeing your dog healthy and happy. And the best way to keep our animals in the best of their health is by keeping them agile. Take a look at how Walk Your Dog Month can contribute to improving your pet’s health:-

Helps stay in shape

Dogs build up a lot of energy during the whole day. And when your canine spends the majority of their time indoors, they do not get a chance to utilize this energy. Going for daily brisk walks and playing games that involve rigorous physical activity helps your furry buddy spend excessive energy and burn calories. Daily exercise is a chance for you to shed the extra pounds gained during the holiday celebration.

Reduces stress levels

The unused energy can lead to stress in your dog. They may develop aggression and display bad behavior. Work out of some sort such as walking helps channel energy in the right direction and calms them when stressed.

Gives a chance to socialize

During outside walks, your furbaby gets a chance to meet new people and fellow animal companions. This allows your pet to develop social skills. They can learn to communicate with other pets and behavioral skills while unfamiliar people are around.

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Offers more training time

When you go out with your dog for walks, you get a lot of time to focus on them. And it is a great opportunity to teach them a few basic commands. Guide them on how to walk while controlled by a leash, and make them practice commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘heel’. Daily practice of common commands disciplines them and prepares them better for more rigorous training in the future.

Strengthens bond

When you and your pet go out for a walk, you both get a chance to know each other more. They get your undivided attention and you get an opportunity to observe your furry friend’s habits more closely. You can see how they interact with other people and how they react to outside noises. Spending time together makes your bond stronger and builds more trust between you both.

Makes dog happy

Confined mostly to home, your dog enjoys the opportunity to play in an open area and breathe fresh air. They find it exciting to play with other dogs and get to do what they love to do. Also, your love and attention add to your pet’s happiness. And a happy pet will be healthier and calmer.


Walk Your Dog Month is celebrated to emphasize the importance of daily exercise for your pet’s well-being. While the amount of exercise a pet needs depends on many factors like their age, breed, size and health condition; at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity is recommended for all pets. Be an active participant in Walk Your Dog Month this January, take them for walks and do your bit in improving their health and happiness.