7 Ways to Take Care of Your Pup While You’re Working

There is something lacking despite having a fantastic job, a fun-filled social life, and supportive family and friends. You’ve always loved dogs and wish more than anything to have a pet of your own to take care of, so you may be wondering, “Can I have a dog if I work all day?”. Having a dependent dog in your home seems unjust, especially if you plan to spend the entire day at work.

Although having a dog and a full-time job may not be for everyone, it is possible to make it work if you’re open to trying a few different approaches to ensure that everyone’s requirements are satisfied. If you’ve got your heart set on rescuing or adopting a new dog or puppy but you’re concerned about your work responsibilities. Read on for 7 ways to care for a dog or puppy while you’re working


1. Pick Your Breed Wisely

If you are already a dog parent, you can disregard this suggestion. However, one of the best things you can do if you’re thinking about Adopting a dog and you’re wondering, “Should I get a dog if I work all day?” is to do your research on the various dog breeds and pick one that is most likely to react well to being left alone for the majority of the day while you’re at work. Some dog breeds are more dependent on human interaction than others, which increases the likelihood that they would experience separation anxiety if left alone all day. Other Dog breeds are more independent and can tolerate extended periods of alone time.

2. Bring your pet to work

Not everyone will benefit from this suggestion, but there are some situations in which you might be able to bring your dog to work with you. And to answer those situations it can be helpful for both you and your furry friend if you bring your dog or puppy along with you if you work outside, in a family-friendly setting, or spend a lot of time driving your own car as part of your profession.

3. Workout Before You Leave

Set your dog up for success by engaging them in a vigorous exercise session before you go to work if you intend for them to sleep peacefully while you are at work. To maximize the likelihood that your dog will spend most of the day napping and relaxing, dedicate a significant amount of time to a high-energy play or a run in addition to their typical Morning walk. This may require getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual.

4. Sync the Schedules

A dog schedule for working pet parents can be made if you live with family, friends, or roommates and try to coordinate your schedules. If at all feasible, change your lunch break or working hours to prevent leaving your dog home alone for extended periods of time. If you work close to home, taking a later or earlier lunch than normal may mean that your dog’s day may be broken up by multiple trips home by human family members. 

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5. Automatic Food and Water Dispenser

Making sure your dog has appropriate access to food and water throughout the day will be one of your main concerns if you’re wondering how to care for your dog while working. An automated food and water dispenser will provide you peace of mind knowing that your dog will have access to food and water at set times throughout the day if your dog is used to eating small meals often or your puppy is known for tipping over or digging in their water bowl.

6. House and Backyard Access

If you want to avoid worrying about your dog having accidents on your floors when you get home from work, it could make more sense to keep them in the backyard. The drawback of leaving your dog outside while you’re at work is that they can be caught in the rain, hail, or snow or he might get too hot in the summer. For giving your dog the option of spending time inside or outside during the day, think about installing a magnetic or electric doggy door.

7. An Animal Companion

Contrary to popular belief, adopting another dog to keep your dog company is one of the greatest methods to leave your dog at home while you are at work. This is undoubtedly a huge commitment and should not be handled lightly, but the benefits of giving your dog companionship, enjoyment, and friendship throughout the day can be tremendous.

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Bottom line:

Being a pet parent is akin to having a child of your own. According to studies, the vast majority of pet parents experience intense guilt whenever they leave their dog or puppy at home while they are gone. Try to be a little kinder to yourself and keep in mind that dogs are perfectly content to spend some time alone during the day in the correct setting. When you leave, your dog might whimper or whine, but as soon as they realize you are gone, they will calm down and play or rest.

By implementing some of the aforementioned tips, you may help your dog succeed and free yourself up to have the best of both worlds: a rewarding full-time career and a loyal pet to come home to in the evenings.