Respect Your Cat Day


28th March- Respect Your Cat Day. This particular day is reserved for honoring our special feline friends. That means that even though you always love and respect your cat, this day is when we show extra affection to them. Other than bonus treats and toys or some extra belly rubs there are plenty of ways you can show your cats that you care for them and that you respect them.

The origin of Respect Your Cat Day

Cats were considered sacred in ancient Egyptian times; they were even worshipped by them. Though nothing is set in stone, it is considered by many that in 1384 the then king, King Richard II of England on this particular day set forth an edict that prevented people from eating felines. That event has this day marked as Respect Your Cat Day. After this cats became popular as pets for the rich; and now these adorable animals are a great part of all of our lives.

Ways to Respect Your Cat

Whatever may be the origin of this day, we love our kittens and will do anything to make them feel at the top of the world. So to help you we have suggested some ways that will show your cats that you truly respect them and will help you improve your relationship with them as well!

1. Knowing and Understanding

Respecting your feline is not only giving them treats and rubbing their bellies, but it also comes in the form of understanding them. Knowing, understanding, and accepting are all a big part of the whole being-a-feline-parent thing. Here we have answered a few basic questions that new pet parents can have and we are here to answer those:

   How can you pet your cat?

Cats are choosy about who touches them and how & where they do it. Some cats might like petting on their heads, some like it on their shoulders, and others like it on their back. Most cats like it when you rub their bellies but remember not all cats like it, so before making it a habit look for your cat’s reaction. If they seem displeased or hiss when you go near them, keep away; build a stronger relationship before approaching them!

   What is the best way to hold them?

The more a cat is comfortable with you the more they will come near you. Only try to hold a cat if they approach you, otherwise, they will just run dramatically away from you. The best way to hold them is to keep them really close to you so they feel more secure. Just remember that if your cat doesn’t like being held that’s perfectly fine too!

   When to scruff them?

Scruffing is a technique that should be practiced only during emergencies. It is something mother cats do to their kittens to either carry them or discipline them. This means scruffing should not be done unless there is an emergency to prevent them from attacking another animal or running on a busy street.

   What does my cat’s body language say?

Since cats cannot speak the human language, they have other ways to express their feelings. Though you will have to observe your cat carefully to know them perfectly, there are some common cues that can get you started. Your cat might meow as a way of getting your attention because it might be hungry or want to be petted. Purring is a sign of contentment and relaxation and if your feline is yowling or hissing it might be a sign of anger, pain, or illness.

2. Safe space for them to perch and hide

Domesticated cats don’t have to hunt for their food, but their ancestor’s hunting instincts are still striving in them. You might have seen your cat getting interested in small moving objects, for them, it is prey. This is all normal behavior for them, but other than being a predator, they were also prey to bigger animals and so sometimes felines need to climb to higher platforms. They will find a comfortable space and perch there; from that place, they can observe people and animals below and be ready to run just in case something comes after them. So you have to be considerate of the fact and avoid startling them or trying to reach them unless they are in danger.

3. Grooming

Cats like to groom themselves often; they like being clean. Though, they do not need help with grooming, giving a helping hand will just make your bond stronger. It also keeps your pet cat clean, and smelling nice, and has a soft and tangle-free coat.

   Trimming nails properly

It is important for cats to have their nails trimmed regularly, especially indoor cats. Other than being stuck on the carpet and tearing the curtains, if the nails get too long and press into their paw it can cause infection. You can also have a scratching post installed in your home, this not only helps keep them engaged but also aids in keeping their nails in good condition.

   When & How to give bath

Even though in the wild, cats can bathe themselves, if they are living with us giving them proper baths is necessary to maintain hygiene. Preparing your cat for a bath is a long process, one that takes lots of pampering, but what’s necessary has to be done. The good news is that cats do not need to bathe often and sometimes only when they are smelly and dirty.

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4. How much to feed

Depending on your cat’s lifestyle, age, activity level, and metabolism the amount of food they need daily will vary. A typical 8-10 lb cat should have about 30 calories per pound, so make sure that they are not over or under-fed. Have a talk with your veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist to determine the daily diet of your cat to know the amount that is healthy for them. Along with that, you can also try to make them exercise every day to remain healthy.

5. Litter training

The initial stage of training your feline includes litter training them and teaching them how and when to use one. When it comes to a litter box, the general rule is to have one more litter box than the number of cats you have in your household. Cats do not like their litter boxes being crowded and sharing with someone else can cause conflict. Also remember, it is crucial for you to change the box clean on regular basis to keep your cat healthy.

“Fun Fact- Did you know that most cats need about 15-18 hours of sleep in a day; so the unspoken rule of being a cat parent is to not move when your cat is sleeping on you!”

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The biggest part of loving and respecting your feline is understanding and knowing the meaning behind even the smallest actions. Respect can take many forms, but the golden rule is to treat them how you want to be treated. Give your feline respect and they will vow all of their nine lives to you!