Ways to Protect Your Pet in Winters

The holiday season is upon us, which means chilly winter evenings spent with a hot cup of cocoa and our furry snuggle buddies. As much as we love lazy winters, we often neglect the needs of our four-footed pals. If you’re feeling cold, then your furry pal is also feeling cold in the freezing climate. Animals are the ones that get most affected by the drop in the temperature even though they have thick fur for protection from cold weather. In fact, stray animals have it worse as they don’t have any shelter so they are also at a higher risk of getting hypothermia and even frostbite. Therefore, it is crucial to take adequate measures in order to protect our furry pals from such winter dangers.

Ways You Can Protect Your Pet In Winters


Put On Warm Clothes

The best way to keep your furry buddy warm is to keep him bundled up in comforters or making him wear a sweater. You can easily buy customized sweaters for your dog or cat to protect their sensitive body parts. If you’ve got a pet with short fur, then sweaters are mandatory for them.

Moreover, if your house is surrounded by snow, you might want to be extra careful. Rock Salts and other chemicals that are used for melting snow can irritate your pet’s paws and cause discomfort. Therefore, always wipe down the paws before your furry companion gets a chance to lick it. In case your pet’s paws get damaged due to the weather, you can use Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm which will soothe the skin and help with irritation.

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Less Outdoor Activities

Never leave your pet unsupervised out of the house as they’re not meant to endure the freezing cold weather. The snow is very harsh on his body, so even the pet with thickest fur could get affected. Furthermore, your dog might lick the frozen water, where he can easily get his tongue stuck. Hence, encourage your furry kid to play inside the house and take him for occasional stroll around the block.

You can keep them engaged at home by playing indoor games. Read the blog: Fun-filled Winter Games to Play with your Pets

Home Safety during Winters

As much as we love cozying up around the fire, it can be very dangerous for pets. If the house isn’t pet-proofed, the pet might run into an open fire and get burnt. This needs to be strongly considered in order to prevent any mishap in the house. Pets generally are very intuitive, though they don’t know the repercussions of stepping into a fire, which not only harms them but may also damage the house. So, ensure you pet-proof your house before the onset of winters.

Keeping the Pet Skin and Coat Moisturized

Just like our skin gets dry and brittle during winter, pet’s skin and coat also take the hit in the freezing weather. Keep the pet’s skin well moisturized with creams available in the market so that they don’t develop any skin condition due to dry and flaky coat. Whenever you purchase a moisturizer for your pet, keep in mind their skin, whether it is sensitive or not and choose the product accordingly for the best results.

Pet Joint Care

Winters tend to weaken the joints and muscles, thus it is vital to administer supplements which helps your pet survive the winter without any join pain. One of the most recommended joint care supplements is Joint Guard for Dogs and Joint Guard for Cats. This dietary supplement treats as well as prevents any kind of joint-related issue. Besides, you may also administer Seaflex Joint Function Health Supplement which is a chewable thus you can easily give to your pet as a treat.

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Help Stray Animals

You’re there for your pet, but no one looks after the stray animals. These animals are completely helpless in such a situation. So, if you truly want to protect pets, help stray animals around your house by providing them with food and water. Moreover, you may also make a shelter out of a cardboard box or plastic tub by throwing in an old blanket.

The severity of winter varies in different cities; in some places, the cold might be unbearable and in others, you can’t even feel the winter. Thus, winter precautions need to be taken by taking the place into consideration. At the end of the day, we want our pets to enjoy winters as much as we do, so this is the lease we can do for our beloved pets.