Remedies to Reduce Dog Shedding

Remedies-to-reduce-shedding-in-dogsDogs, as pets, bring a lot of joy in your life. The joy and the positivity are unmatchable but along with all the good things, there are some troubles that they unknowingly bring along. And shedding is one of the problems that many dog parents face. However, it’s not your dog’s fault because it’s a part of a natural process of the body and if he/she could stop it, would have definitely done it because no pooch wants to see his/her parent worried or troubled.

Since you are your pooch’s parent you have to take care of the shedding just as you take care of flea, ticks and other parasitic threats to your pooch.

Having said that, it is necessary to clarify that Shedding is not a disease, it’s a natural process but if the shedding is uncontrollably excessive (even more than the times when the seasons change) then there can be an underlying disease involved in it. You need to be vigilant and consult your vet in such scenarios.

Nevertheless, the good news is that the normal shedding can be controlled by implementing a few simple practices.

Read further to know the remedies to reduce shedding.

Feed Your Dog A Healthy Food Enriched with Omega – 3 fatty acids

A proper diet will decrease your dog’s hair shedding. Foods that are rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids should be fed more. Adding a tablespoon of olive oil to your dog’s food daily might do the trick as it will keep the fur, skin, and coat healthy and reduce shedding. Also, Fatty fishes like herring, mackerel, salmon, albacore tuna, sardines, and lake trout have high omega-3 fatty acids content

Allergy And Parasite Control

Controlling skin allergies, fleas and allergies due to fleas will reduce itching and scratching in your pooch. Continuous scratching can cause an increase in hair shedding so ensure that you regularly treat your pooch with flea and tick treatments likes Nexgard, Frontline Plus or Advantage and avoid things that cause skin allergies in your dog.


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Brush Regularly

Regular brushing (daily or every three days depending on your breed of dog) with a quality brush suited to your dog’s coat will get rid of any loose hair in a controlled way, meaning you can be quick to clean it up before it spreads all over the house. Regular brushing also stimulates your dog’s hair follicles to keep their coat looking smooth, vibrant and shiny.

Bath Your Dog Regularly With Good Skin Care Shampoos

Bathing your dog with an oatmeal shampoo once a week (depending on the breed) will also keep your dog’s coat healthy, strong and shiny; which can contribute to reducing the amount they shed. Keeping their coat healthy should lessen their shedding. Shampoos like MalAcetic Shampoo and conditioner can also prevent dry skin and decrease fur shedding.

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Regular vacuuming can help you keep your house clean. It is the best way to keep your home dog hair-free is to have a regular cleaning routine in place. Daily vacuuming of the carpets and furniture will gather up any hair trapped in fabrics. Vacuuming is also recommended even if you have tiles or hardwood floors, as sweeping can sometimes cause the hair to rise into the air and settle into an area you’ve already cleaned. As for your clothes, an old-fashioned lint roller does the job.

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These are the crucial practices that would help you limit hair shedding in your dogs. Therefore, follow the above-given tips consistently and you will see the improvement.

Don’t get irritated when you see hair because even humans shed their hair and skin cells it’s just that we have less hair than dogs so they are not that much visible.