8 Tips to Keep Your Home Flea Free

Pet parents nowadays are more worried about the fleas and their worries about the parasite are obvious and justified because these pesky bloodsuckers can take your pet’s health for a ride. Fleas once come are very difficult to eradicate and hence as a pet parent, you should have complete knowledge of how to keep this small hitchhiker at bay.

Tips to make your pets and home flea-free:

1. Be Informed About Fleas.

Take the time to find out the dirty truth concerning fleas. Contemplate these uncomfortable facts from the ASPCA:

  • During their lifetime, fleas might lay hundreds and thousands of flea eggs.
  • Fleas will live for as long as twelve months.
  • Fleas can jump up to 2 feet.
  • They have a persistent nature thus it’s very difficult to eradicate them completely.

2. Know the Symptoms of Flea Bites

Flea bites have distinct characteristics. The bite might straightaway cause a dog to feel extraordinarily unquiet. Within a half-hour of a bite, your dog might develop a red bump. Secondary skin infections induced by scratching also are common.

3. Treat Flea Bites

Wash the bites with antiseptic soap, as suggested by your vet, to scale back the chance of infection.

4. Learn the Way to Eliminate Fleas in All Life Stages

The Flea life cycle includes adults, eggs, larvae (maggots) and pupae (the cocoon stage). Normal flea preventive doesn’t kill pupae, you can use IGRs i.e. insect growth regulator to break the flea life cycle.

5. Check Your Dog for Fleas Regularly

Regular combing of your dog’s fur is very important to make the natural oils spread on your pooch’s fur and coat to decrease shedding. This would also make it easy for you to spot a flea if it hops on to your pooch.

6.Eliminate Stray Fleas

If your dog picks up a “hitchhiker” ectozoon i.e. a flea, use appropriate adulticide to terminate these critters. See your vet concerning the most effective product for your pet.

7. Groom and Treat the Yard and Your Home

Treating the surroundings also is a crucial way to prevent fleas. Groom your yard and remove the underwood from trees, and rake leaves where fleas and ticks might lurk. Spraying the yard for fleas, target the areas wherever your pet spends most of his time. Eggs and larvae can doubtless be shed within the spots he/she lies down.

Vacuum all floors, beddings, sofas and each and every place where your pet spends time. Before vacuuming gets your house treated with flea sprats by the professionals. If your pet sleeps on the bed, wash sheets and pillowcases in hot water with detergent.

8. Use Year-Round Flea & Tick Preventives

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Consult your vet for the apt monthly flea and tick preventives and ensure that you regularly treat him/her with the treatment recommended. Some of the most popular and recommended treatments are Frontline Plus, Nexgard, Seresto flea and tick collar, and many more.