Purrfect Howliday Honors for your Beloved Pets this National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial DayNational Pet Memorial Day is a holiday observed on the second Sunday of September. But for pet owners it is much more than that. It is a perfect opportunity for them to contemplate on the good times they have shared with their furry pal. Remember, these selfless pets are symbols of humanity which makes your heart even more painful while remembering the lost ones. The beauty of these pets is that they give 100% of their heart to us. They even stand by us irrespective of the emotional condition we are in. Hence, when a pet is lost it becomes a very saddening thing which can break the heart of a pet owner. Not everyone can understand the situation as they consider pets to be less than humans, but for a pet lover it would be a heart-sinking situation.

On the eve of National Pet Memorial Day, we like to share some suggestions that will go a long way to ensure that you have a purrfect howliday. To honor your beloved pets on this special day – National Pet Memorial Day, you can do the following:

  • Keep the photo of your lovable companion as your Facebook profile picture as an act of remembrance
  • Take a trip down the memory lane and browse through the photos featuring your pet with the entire family by taking out your long-forgotten photo album
  • Visit the grave of your pet
  • There are certain places in our country that provide special Pet Blessings for the living pets
  • Volunteer your valuable time at a local animal shelter in the honor of your pet
  • Post an online tribute about your furry pal to describe how much you miss him

There are lots of animal shelters in our country that are filled with abused, neglected, unwanted and unloved pets. The sad part is not many of these amazing animals make it out alive while waiting for someone like you to adopt them. So open your heart to an animal in need – this is what humanity calls for. Take care and love him so much that the void that has been left by your previous pet can be filled. Never take the emotional burden of the previous pet on this pet by ensuring that he gets the relevant pet care supplies on a timely basis.

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So, on this emotional occasion, we would like to take the initiative and hold your holds thereby assuring that you get extensive range of branded pet products. This would not necessarily make your forget the remorse of your beloved pet but at least make you create fresh start with the existing one.

We know that you would be able to overcome this period of great stress and loneliness. We are confident that within time you will be able to create a wonderful world with your current pet, and hopefully get your life back on track.

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