Tips for Saving Money on Pet Expenses

Pets are the loving members of our family and are more than just animals for all pet parents. But with ever rising cost-of-living, many pet care takers find it hard to deal with their pet’s expenses.

On an average a dog costs approximately $38,400, while a cat costs around $30,000 over their lifetime. And these numbers are increasing every day, which is a reason to worry for pet lovers.

In this blog, we have penned down a mini-guide, highlighting some of the effective ways to reduce your pet expenditure and help you save more:


5 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Pet Expenditure

1. Use Antiparasitic Treatments

In order to avoid any serious health risks to your pet, stay on top of your pet’s flea, tick, and worm treatment. These treatments will keep a control on flea, tick & worm infestation and will prevent you from spending more on other veterinary expenses.

At CanadaVetExpress, we carry a wide range of treatments including famous brands like, BravectoHeartgardPlus,Simparica TrioNexgard Spectra, Revolution Plus and more. If you are not sure what treatment to choose that best suits your pet, check with your vet. Additionally, you can also subscribe to our newsletters to receive special offers and discounts on our range of flea, tick, and worming products.

2. Pet Food

Pet food is one of the biggest monthly expenses for pet parents. To feed your pet with nutritional and healthy food, it is not necessary to spend a huge amount on buying expensive pet foods.

When you purchase in bulk, your average cost on each pack reduces, and you are able to offer the same food to your pet without compromising the quality. Look for discounts and offers on pet food. You can also buy larger packs of pet foods as they offer great value for money.

Another option when trying to reduce your pet food cost is to make pet food at home. Try some DIY homemade recipes for your fur babies. The easiest way to prepare food at home is with a food processor or nutribullet mixer, either of the two is readily available. You can prepare homemade pet food without any hassle and with low investment. Just blend in appropriate amount of proteins like chicken or beef; with some healthy veggies like celery, asparagus, carrots, and kale. Give them a treat of low-sugar fruit smoothies made with berries and apples.

3. No More Long Drives

Your monthly fuel expense will increase if you drive your dog to a dog park or take them on a beach every now and then. Instead, take a walk in the neighbourhood and explore new routes. Your dog will love its sniffing time outside and will appreciate your company.

4. Be Your Dog’s Groomer

Many dog and cat breeds, especially those having long hair require regular grooming. But pet grooming services can cost you around $25 to $90 for every grooming session. Instead, buy your own brushes, clippers, and shampoo and groom your pet at home.

Do a basic DIY grooming like clip their nails, gently clean their eyes, give them a bath, trim their coat, brush off dandruff and dirt from their coat.

5. Make Them Your Colleague

Some of us are still working from home since the pandemic, but some had to return to office. Pet parents who had to return to office for work often struggle with taking care of their pets. Many companies allow pets to accompany their human companions at workplace which can help pet parents save on pet sitting expenses, as you can simultaneously work and take-care of your fur baby.

Below-mentioned benefits can help you convince your boss to make every day a ‘take your dog to work day!’ Working with your pet around has shown to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance mental well-being
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve communication
  • Increase employee retention

Wrapping Up

Adopting the tips mentioned in this blog will certainly help you reduce the cost of looking after your pet and will help you strengthen your bond with your furry friend.